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Inner Charlie

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When Charlie woke up he couldn’t find his inner Charlie.

The Dadaist

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The inspectors worked among the skyscrapers. Lila Mae Watson parked her van on the service level of city blocks that sometimes sat several stories above the street level, the street itself not the ground but far above the bedrock, the …

Black Hole of Beauty

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Surrounded by a stressfull sense of trying to understand the human condition. The flawed characters in the story speak of past violence and conflict. It is about a boy who is dealing with a recent suicide attempt on his own life & the regrets that come wi

Old Church Slavonic

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Because it seems never to be beginning, always picking up in the middle with it’s long resonant tones, which themselves begin as if they’ve always been. Maybe that’s why we love old, sacred music. And by we I, of course, mean my two-year-old Charlie and m