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Where's My Label Maker?

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The List

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Then I looked down and there it was—the list—under the phone right where my wife had said.

New skin

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For ten minutes I would have to sit perfectly still on the edge of her bed, thinking of Road Runner and the Flash and wishing I could do anything but sit there with my feet in warm, foamy water.

Good Enough Among The Gentry

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They are an abandoned garrison awaiting reinforcements that will never come.

The News Article

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I was the boy they wrote about in that news article. It wasn't very long, but it was embarrassing...

All The Right Steps

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"I didn’t take my mother’s denial of my dream lightly. I wanted it desperately. I cried and pleaded, nagged and begged. On several occasions, I temperamentally got out of the car at a stop sign and walked. Once, my mother said that I was nagging her so mu

Elegy for Nelson Mandela

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For you, heaven.

Wind Calling

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Listening to old friends speak the same way, the same things tells me they have been dead a long time. They are in their form of living, their self, there is no new season of growth. I witness each of them continue on the same path because it is familiar

A Brief Stirring Of Dust (1st Chapter)

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David Masterson was not a recluse. At least, he didn’t think so. He lived in a small cottage outside of Spokane, Washington, surrounded by trees and a long, gravel driveway. To his knowledge, no one other than he and the postman knew of its existence,

A Brief Stirring Of Dust (2nd Chapter)

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David awoke to the sound of a subtle melody and the tap tap tip, taptap of a fading rain shower. He wasn’t sure which sound he liked better and was glad that he didn’t have to choose.

A Brief Stirring Of Dust (3rd Chapter)

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Wednesday David awoke to the blaring of his clock's default alarm and managed to feel simultaneously perturbed and relieved. It was the alarm that irritated him and the fact that he neglected to set a more mellifluous alarm. The relief came as he realized he was only…

A Brief Stirring Of Dust (4th Chapter)

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“You are an idiot,” he muttered at himself. Sitting down, he scratched his palm lightly and looked at the picture of his cats on the computer monitor. “You don't think she'll say anything, do you?”

A Brief Stirring Of Dust (5th Chapter)

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Winter was patient that year. David remembered because the trees were still changing. They didn't stay very long, his mom and sister, only a weekend or so. But it was long enough. Any amount of time would've been long enough.

A Brief Stirring Of Dust (Final Chapter)

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“I tried to be optimistic for a second, you know. Maybe it wasn’t theirs, but then the flight number popped up and confirmed it. I stood there in stunned silence and suddenly felt disembodied. Like I was watching myself watch everything...

Syllables of the Dead

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Nothing has changed// except the toys and fashion.