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Educating an American

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Note to self: look up Bobby Sands.

Marseilles, "Stella," Water and Bells

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In "Climates," the characters stay in a hotel by the sea, and two professionals talk of playing tennis, then going swimming in the sea. Even here, I am just up the hill from a bay, viewable from the church with its many bells. Water-side, we dip out o

The $64,000 Question

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One day over a hardscrabble dinner of gristly beef and lumpy mashed potatoes, his uncle looked up at him and said, “Kee-rist, boy, school’s gonna start any day now. And winter ain’t far behind. I can’t keep you here. We gotta figure out something for you.

My Great Uncle Jerry, a Villanelle

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Jeremiah Sherwood was Irish, Catholic, and gay.

Lessons Learned

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What was so bad about other religions that their followers were automatically condemned to eternal damnation? The priests were so convincing when they claimed Christ was the only true way.


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Everybody knew the McDonald’s at the Waterfront was selling theraflu stamp bags, and I guess I’d heard how bad it was for you—they’d had reports of dumbasses ODing on channel 2, 4, and 11—but it was a lot stronger than regular heroin and a lot cheaper...