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Moonlit Mariposa

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He lived for decades, then centuries. He became the perpetual wanderer who saw with his own eyes, all of the beauty and sadness there was in the world.

The Man who was followed by butterflies

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They hovered and darted but, after a while, they seemed to be always around him. Lapping at him like the mellow waves that stroked the muddy bank.

BUTTERFLY, A NOVEL’s monologue:

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Many of you may think I can't talk but I do, excessively so and all jaws. I wonder if that's the reason I get burnt sometimes. And yes, I too have a life, hear me.I was born on a rainy day somewhere in Asia, when a stranger bought me on the antique Bird & Flower Market…

Butterfly, a novel by Julie O’Yang (excerpt)

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‘So what exactly did you decide?'It was two years later that Sato-san put the question to me. The two of us had been hiding for two bloody years, moving about in the marshes along the river, living off small, skimpy meals. We couldn't turn back to our unit, because Cesaru…

The Yellow Butterfly

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Let whoever may read this know: I am an evil man, and I have done evil things.

Erasing the Modern World

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An electromagnetic pulse/ scrubbed the servers./ The clouds wisped and blew away, empty./ Markets lost what little mind they had.