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I am a bomb but I mean you no harm.

The Bombshell

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He put Claudine in the barn. This caused him some pain—he’d have preferred for her to be able to stay with him in the house. His mother and father, were very strict Lutherans and insisted on marriage before ‘bunking together’.

Man-Bomb (excerpt from a Bromance in progress)

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The crowd- which consisted of exclusively men with beards and djembe drums and women with hairly legs poking out of corduroy patchwork skirts- cowered and crawled in fear around the angry man-bomb, mortally frightened yet encouraged to shimmy because the


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I didn't see the explosion, the moment when the bomb knocked my brother off his feet like a micro-burst of air lifting a bouncy house, then slammed him back down. Black smoke swirled around the room along with licks of fire. Ground floor windows shattered like women…