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. . . how a body calls in the dark. . .


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Erased. Like chalk across my body, a fine powder of forgetfulness, with a few swipes --- all those names and faces, gone. The letters burned.

During the Interim

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Nothing changes; the moon arcs its mindful lemon eye. . .

The Drone

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"He turns in his bed, and reaches for a body, like the blind to braille."


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. . .the clock of lips, timing their avid omens --

The Secret

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It was always your body that told so much -- lips working some secret out

December 1, 2016

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Polite society will cheer/ as another body is discovered// and disposed of. The cheers/ will drown out the gasps

The Atheist of Mirrors

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Don't mistake my eyes for supplication. My invisibility is your nightmare.

He Ages

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'love is when the body goes away.'