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He turns and assesses me. Pretty blonde girl in a nice jacket and skirt. She looks like she has money. His eyes reach my face and he sees that I have tears in my eyes, on my cheeks.

Shooting Smoke

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In our first conversation, she tells me love is a dragon: she has come across it’s destruction, hears of it’s size, mythology, of it’s immorality. I sip my hot cocoa (God, I pray she thinks it is coffee)...

Sacre Something

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My first abroad journey completed. A picturesque way to end it all, really. I’m into that, I think to myself: making things play like movies or dramas or as beautifully as I can make them.

A Thin Piece of Something

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Last week, Beatrice told Rick she doesn’t want to marry him because why should they need an antiquated religious ceremony to validate their love for each other? But really it is because she does not love him. They both know this, but only deeply. They do

Woman On A Bicycle

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And the ocean was black and green and blue—as your dress that clung to your body’s curve. Round as the bend of the water trailing the false line of the shore.

A Beautiful Ancient Ghostly Passionate Spirit of the Stars

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Fabio has a soul of passion. A beautiful soul of passion. His passionate soul was so beautiful the ancient stars shone upon him and made him look like ghosts at night.