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The sink spat its water in a most erratic and vindictive fashion, with varying temperatures of discomfort and a nefariously mechanical nonchalance. Her arms are elbow deep in the misbehaving appliance, it looked to us as if she was drowning a small rodent

El Funcionario

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The man looks into the round face and tiny eyes of the lawyer and sees a brown pig. He wants to smack the son of a bitch and carve him up with the letter opener on the desk like a leg of Jamon Iberico.

The Sound of Barcelona

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There’s no obvious difference between two years ago and now but it’s not the moment to contemplate the reason for the racket or why it took so long. Instead, it’s the time to renounce atheism and thank God that the noise has finally finished

The Witch from Bilbao

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I remember the first time I saw her. I'd just pushed through the crowded bar and waited to place my order.

The Diada Conspiracy

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The plan had been almost four hundred years in the making, ever since that fateful September 11th in 1714 when Barcelona fell to the Bourbon army who had been laying siege at its city walls.

The Caganer

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Jaume jumped up from the bar, a wide smile across his face. He hugged his old friend and planted a kiss on his wife's cheeks. He was buzzing from the chance encounter, marveling how life had brought them together after all these years. There had to be a r