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Ink Darkly the Painted Seasons a1 s01-2

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So long I have journeyed a poverty-stricken fugitive seeking shelter, and know rest only in the hollow of your hands.

IDtPS a2 s55-57: Of His Soul Defraud

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This to remembrance keep: heed my call that you may avert wasteful woe, lest in fury I impregnate the earth's womb with still-born corpses.

IDtPS a1 s03-04 Exile of a Pariah

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Is it not said, "To cover the eyes and snatch at swallows is to fool oneself?"

In My War Novel

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If I wrote a war novel my wife would be killed off before our relationship figured out our differences. Like her being really Asian and me being just so-so Asian.

George, Love, Shakespeare and Company

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"Love, against the dying of the light." (An unusual story about George Whitman, former owner of the revered & beloved Shakespeare & Company bookstore in Paris, France.)