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Drug War Snitch - II

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he immediately came over, looked directly into my eyes, and, with his thick polish accent, said: "Day are Gestapo."

Snitch - III

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Doreen wanted more freedom from the house, the children, and me. No surprise there. I understood that and I sympathized with her. But . . .


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Leaving Sonny along in the house with Doreen worried me. What did I think they'd be doing? Making out on the kitchen table? In the bedroom? Out front in his car?

1965, what I wanted - 2

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I knew all the horror stories about injecting drugs. I thought I would never do it. But I stopped thinking when Angel put her arms around me.

1965, what I wanted - 3

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Warning: there's sex near the end.

What The Hell Nationality Are You?

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It’s confusing enough to grow up in a place like America, a country without definitive culture, except for ranch dressing and reality TV, but it’s even worse to grow up half one thing, half another, christened a hyphenation of names without connection to

Sagacious Abridgment

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A cloudy autumn morning greeted Sean as he stepped from the trolley at Grand Central Station. On his way to the tracks he purchased a copy of The New York Times dated October 24, 1934.