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Doobie Brother

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"Now he was just wearin' his regular clothes, and as I was walkin' in the store I said 'Hey Daddy Lonzo, how you doin'?' We talked for 'bout a minute or two, then I asked him if he knew where I could get myself a fat, left-handed cigarette."

Snow Storm

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"I'm going to go home now, the weather is supposed to start getting worse in an hour. Do you want a ride?"

Boxcar Blues

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Last night they found his cousin Johnny with a bullet to the back of his noggin on Ezra Church Road. He took the dope from from those Guatemalan boys, so they found him and picked him up and before they shot him they took a baseball bat to him. Just like

The Lost Dog

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The mutt came into their house from the deepest pit of hell. He ate Lucas' favorite pair of tennis shoes. He pulled the heads off of Barbie dolls and swallowed them whole. He even marked his territory on the couch.

You've Done Good

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For a fleeting moment, eyes seemed to clear and the man spoke as if he were coming out of the pea soup fog that formed over the lake on spring mornings.

Sad News

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They got out wearing their crisp brown Army jackets and khaki pants; she saw the cross on the lapel of the officer's shirt and just knew. These men brought sad news from faraway places.

Playing Possum

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"You're going to have to call me 'dead eye' after I get this possum."


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"Special delivery for a friend?" he asked. "Postcards are a wonderful thing. All people want to do nowadays is send e-mails. But what's better than putting a postcard on the fridge?"