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Blues For Juan De Fuca

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And the gulls swoop round as mood swings. they keen and whoop, scavenge any thing.

Bile: The 'Sexiest' Fluid You Can Share with Other People

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A Moment's Change

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Then he spoke of her cowardice, and from within, her heart fluttered and a soft heat branched out across her chest, face, and stomach pits and she felt imprisoned by that room.

Why Mitch McConnell Can't Get It Up: A Tragedy in One Act

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SHARPEI! by Tao™ Lin®

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[Don't try to interview me, even if you're from "Rolling Stone" — I'll just "tweet" in your face!]

Douchebag McGillicuddy & Jack Pantshitter: 'We're Declaring WAR on Suburbanite Wanna-Be's!'

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["Stop me if you think you've heard this one before ... Stop me if—'Hey! Stop me before I KILL AGAIN!!!'"]

Seeking Submissions

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Dick Cheney Confessionals, Vol. II

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"Man, that time I got into a fist fight with Casey Kasem — that I'll never forget! We were at one of those $1,000-a-plate political fundraisers — for a sheik, an…