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X, Chapter 2: Min

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She felt like every cell in her body was vomiting, like everyone in the coffee shop was talking about what a failure she had become, like her lungs were filled with charcoal dust and blood.

X, Chapter 5: Sense and Insensibility

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And, despite Min’s best efforts, they talked about Dad. Ruthie cried. Min wouldn’t. It was his fucking decision. But listening a few minutes longer to her sister, whose voice wobbled with the panic and despair of the discarded, she found herself crying fo

X, Chapter 6: Politeness rituals, Punnett Squares, Pavlov & the Plan

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"Isn’t a world where we are made up of mostly empty space and magnetic fields and that time and space warps around us magical enough?"

X, Chapter 10: X-Men 137

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Snow was melting in buckets and rivulets carried water over winter-beaten brick, concrete, and asphalt. Walking down the glistening sidewalk with his girl next to him, Alex felt as if he had emerged into a world flushed by some momentous change: a victory

X, Chapter 18: Befuddlement

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He placed himself in his semi lotus position, and his mind leapt and crackled violently like the split electrical wires do in movies about earthquakes.


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"My dad said the universe was God trying to kill himself….” he said.


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"Keep heat in head"


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Now, eons later whenever we see a plastic bag, which looks so like our ancient aquatic ally, we still have that vestigial impulse to squish our head into it.


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The gated community of Dos was named for one of Babbage’s landmark educational figures, Ms. Dos.