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Dancing with the Marionettes

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I Go Gentle On You

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Prozac, Lithium, shock treatment, a time machine, or to ask Oz that you grow a new heart, whatever it takes.

Guinness for Iron

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My sister / craves raisons

After getting sober through a bout of Bukowski

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Feb 8

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Call it a spell or a prayer or a ritual; it worked.

After coming back from nowhere,

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you notice some of what you need― a pressure of something you've intended, somewhere without a place,

A Poet in a Coffeeshop in the Motherfucking Nineties

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Look at her. She doesn't want to be here. The kiss and “wouldn't miss it for the world” was as empty as her crossed arms, crossed legs, and jittery foot were loaded. She attacked the foam of her latte with a tiny red straw. I wanted to scream. Complain about the…


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“That man loves you,” my mother said, and I knew it was time to wrench the conversation in another, more mundane, direction like the latest episode of Project Runway or how I was thinking of repainting my living room. …

Moon collar

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I don't think dogs like to die with the pack. The smell of them rotting brings trouble in the wild,

No doubt... no donuts

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Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea goddamn culpa....

Dos Equis

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dos equis ambar sits cool and dark by my side

Liking in "The Scarlet Letter"

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like the dome of an immense lamp like blades of grass at the sweep of the scythe like a line of cliffs against a tempestuous tide

Scratching into January, 2017

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Follow the money. It seeks/ the lowest of the low and finds them here/ in an embarrassing abundance.

Rwanda Suite: Basketball

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You make a wedding gift personal, see, otherwise you go on the register. I was new to weddings, so I'd looked it up, and even NPR said don't go on the register.

Hands of a City

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On the usefulness of hands.

The River Flows

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powerless against the memory of the earth-bank and the river flows, through a susurrus field of a million quills

Love Me Like It's Midnight

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We are young That’s all we’ve got We take drugs We smoke pot You got mugged And I got shot We are young That’s all we’ve got I want you to love me like it’s midnight Midnight, midnight Yeah, your mama wants you home But she knows


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Val walks through the world, absorbed in the day to day. A plainspoken narrator drones on in his mind. The nondescript voice marks time to the beat of Val's banal footfall, hums along with the whir of Val's modest, midsize sedan. The narration is loudest in the twilight…

A Stubborn Stain

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Like a stain it stood out vividly against the pastel background of her mind - an incident in her past Paula seemed to be unable to forget. Every so often it rattled her and frequently left her with a vision that forced her to rub her eyes until they turned…

Wanna Bet?

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I was always more comfortable with the ponies than you were / more comfortable with betting windows and two-dollar bills than you were

The Man With the Hairy Back

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It’s strange, what will become of me What my life will be like Since the animal in me Is beginning to show on my back Oh no, no, no Women will never put up with this I was afraid this would happen They’ll think I’m only half a man I’

In Your Eyes

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With all that's going on in the world I thought perhaps we could all use a little love poem: It doesn't have to be force grown betweenus. We entwine naturally. It's agood feeling to have a friend who at oncedoesn't require a hothouse ceiling laidbetween each invisible…

Ghost Questions

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What if I never feel like a real artist? What does it even mean to be a "real" artist? What if nobody ever cares about what I make?


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... he led what might be called a quiet life

Diamonds in the Fog

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A terza rima

Tawny Frogmouth

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The wildlife smuggler grabbed me while I was in winter torpor. He wrapped me in cloth, taped my wings down and put me in a pouch. We crossed the seas. In a new country he sold me to a bird collector. There I was in a cage, far from my…

Eli in the Middle of the Night

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I stood like Eli in the middle of the night.

To my own two feet

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When I first arrived/footling-breeched/you two were there/ahead of me.

Neither star nor killer

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I am fantasy


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I wake up with the taste of mud in my mouth. Ashy, sulfurous, charred, with traces of rotten shellfish.