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The Dry World

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drunkards indulge, addicts abuse

This Can't Be Blank

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I don't know where to start. We're gaining flight. Did you seeanybody we know? The trees are always a concern. I don't thinkI know how to stop this thing from crashing into parked cars,that is if I live. You can say it was all on a stupid dare. They don't have to know…


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I made you a playlist

Despite Your Faith

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As the other mammals go extinct,/ we can’t presume we are immune// because of big brains and a history/ of belief in the control of nature.


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it's about dead trees

Blurred Waters

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He was a boy then, barely ten, when he sat on the edge of the pond, watched the ducks swim, made intermittent ricochets. He didn't exactly know what had come over him that day. Whether it had been premeditated and meant to hurt. Or just an impulse of the moment,…

The Laughing Grave

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Newhouse returned his gaze to his wet palm, which he lifted to his nose with suspicion, sniffed again and again, then struggled to move out from under the growing stream.

Climate Change

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Every year I have a birthday, and every year another of my friends succumbs to cancer or suicide. That's a shitty gift. That is devoutly not to be wished.

Blue Ridge

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...swallowed like a radiant yolk by an epicurean barracuda.

Calling All Feathers

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These little things, they are the hope We are hoping for, they are everywhere. I made this one just for you. Call them feathers. Call them roses. You'll See them if you need them. These Little things carry the good news that …

On the Bench (Matthew III)

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turn your face

The Little Hen

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Janet must not have known that she was just a little hen with not much more brain than a tiny bird. She believed she knew everything, how to get around the place, how to defend herself, and how to make up her own mind. She felt she didn't have to learn and was convinced she…

Uniquer Than Thou

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brilliant green eyes


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"Our thoughts wear no masks ... they’re on display in our gaze."

In the Dim Light

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Marilee set the table for four. She had opened their doors and called. Now she listened to the familiar sounds nibble with a yawn at the day beginning.The taps were running, footsteps hurrying — it was the rush hour. Marilee knew. She didn't join in the children's…

Four from “Autobiographies”

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The white space beckons-/ a blank wall in a decrepit neighborhood-/ wishing to be decorated or defiled

Version - 2.0

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Pale like a tracing of a memory

Why I Love You

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I love you because your eyes are both crossed When you do it, because you’re focused On the inside of the universe I love you because You’re on a roller coaster Through life And I can ride along For the thrill of it I love you because


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It's weird to be here. I wonder if you are here too. You'd probably say oh that was years ago. And you would be right. But I like the things we believed in then. Some of them I still do. You're old I guess. You were so pretty and golden in your…

A Rejected Bone

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I offered you a piece of prose. You tell me it's just a bone. You say you're not impressed, you want nerves, muscles, flesh and ... It's solid, I retort, slick, shapely, ivoried. True, it's chipped, cracked and gnawed. Why is it so? you ask. …

Got A Light

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The Catholic wedding was my idea even though the only god I believe in is Gary Stewart's vibrato (especially in "Ten Years of This").

Everything the Traffic Will Allow

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there’s more to life than poontang but not when you’re sixteen and your hands are full of heavy breasts

Paper Horse

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The trouble with paper horses was not how flimsy they were when you were flying them, reigns in hand, high enough above the treetops that falling would mean more than a bruised knee.

On Global Warming

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You think I don't know, that's your whole stupid problem. You don't believe in anyone. You must enjoy living in a dark lonely universe. I don't know if you know or not about the lights that live in your own head, but I believe …


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and the smiles light the way when the wind blows the darkness

Deep June Pool

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I may be the shadow that I am, but I only ever loved you.

Gone to Seed

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The careful paths of larger versions gave me enough time to think, to sense their fears from pauses between footsteps, and prepare those minutes, hours, weeks before they decomposed into my whole.

What I Learned About Death While Eating Dark Chocolate

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85% extra dark cocoa:/biting into bitter darkness

The Poet Faces a Government Shutdown

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R just sent me a funny text: Nice nice shit rainbows

Bookmarks From Hell -- A List of Unsavory, Alarming and Downright Nasty Things Librarians Have Found In Library Books

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Why would anyone stash a used condom in a Bible?