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The Thing

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I'm sure someone somewhere must havefelt something like it before. Imean I've never been able tohave this kind of deep longing asif you might want to forget everythingyou know. I always figured that funny stuff onlyhappened to folks in a foreignfilm. Not to some guy…


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Well, it's midnight and here I am drinking alone at the Stick It Inn, watching the clock because that cute, brunette waitress with the home wrecker tits, Julie, is working again, thank ya, Jesus, and she just came over and murmured she'd be off at one and come over and…

Mind-Body Split

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The mirror can never talk back/ unless corrupted creases of the brain/ and its recombinant physical maladies// elect to answer...

Rain (a sense of her)

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Writing 101

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looked briefly – glanced shouted loudly – yelled fell down – fell

Summer of 1978

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And the thread goes through the needleand there you are again. Blue, green,what color should I pick to bring you back.This is not a question.And the thread goes through the needleand there you are standing in front of your painting. I squint my right eye and focus on that…

chet baker

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chet baker shades my eyes rippling through the cool water sometimes we feed the fish

Of Koyaanisqatsi

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"geographies of madness, swarms of faces"


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Sleepy Time for Jimmy

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Now comfy is as comfy does, but when sleeping strange, please accept a wide range of cradle, crib, cave.

When you were nine

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When you were nine your head fell off in the playground. Dr Mort was called. He pasted it back on with PVA glue. You'd never know now.——When you were nine your arms turned into trees. Dr Mort worked his magic with the chainsaw. You still need light pruning once…

The Gallery of Wounds

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The blood is memorable/ as is the copper taste of that/ momentary certainty of lockjaw.

Air On The G String

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If love could only by heat be bound

Maurice Utrillo

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Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

Dog Goddess

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His rescue dog, Luna, resembles a cartoon dog; meringue-colored, frothy-fur with floppy, serious ears. Little, with huge presence. Impossibly perfect dog rescued in a drainage ditch. He told me the story—that Luna had been orphaned and abandoned and how he…

1st and Goal

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My grandfather was ninety three. My mother was sixty three. I was thirty three. My daughter had just turned three. Our ages were all lined up like the beauty marks on Snow White in the Donald Barthelme version of the story.


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Is it victory or madness

The Hangman's Poor Gift

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of placing the rope just so; of settling the veil with care --


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I crave the confines of the convent

Play it, Sam

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...still the same old signs...

Forecast for Mid-December

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In the next week or two, the red oak/ will loose and lose its leaves

In the Carnage of Lament

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Slip me in Between the cracks in your schedule Between the sheets of your bed Between your memories and your fears Between your eyes and the moon where I'll twinkle at you Slip me in somewhere, I won't disturb you Won't make you want to push me away Let…

Agents of the Anthropocene

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Perhaps they serve/ a God’s twisted will// as they accelerate extinctions

Old friends on a park bench, sharing coffee from a thermos in the shade of sycamores in spring...

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Eavesdropping ...

My Man Wears Cherry Pants

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My man wears chartreuse shoes.! He wears chartreuse shoes like a new king right there on Main St.!

From the discovery of fire to a crypt slash restaurant

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dozen haiku more

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tonight's sky is full:/each lunatic to his moon/sings separate songs.


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Love free of independence is a savage, hungry beast Phantoms grasping, sweating, gasping 'till her mind could not be freed

Interstellar Solace

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he considers the swirl of galaxies/ with their black hole hearts,