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Memory and Restoration

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How a breeze feels evaporating sweat on neck and forearms.

Not Sure If You're Actually Having Sex? I Can Help.

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When I stumbled upon evidence that the man I'd loved and trusted for 20 years had a secret girlfriend for the past 10 of those years, he tried to deny it.“We never had sex!” he told me. And I believed him. For about two minutes.“You never…

Not Lao-tzu's Yellow Brick Road, i - xvi

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your head heavy with your struggling soul, can you wrap your arms around the One?

Something Else

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Rwanda Suite: The Wild Man Scale

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Abominables do roam the earth; I know it.

Redneck Haiku

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some local color Haiku

Boredom takes a Snapshot

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I heard on WUSF,

There is no such thing as stillness

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tell yourself

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tell yourself, poet /without her / under the small fire of winter stars / that you love what you are

Perchance to Dream

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Catherine, after another haunted, bewildering morning wondered if there might be a way to hide from her nightmares. Was there a way to trick them? Shouldn't she try? She drove over the bridge, something she didn't often do, to buy…

Office M

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It is a sunny day in the autumn of the patriarch.

Kind-hearted Assassin

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The most tender thing

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Somehow, I have your body, but you’ve gone missing.

My feet walked me back

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That moment, rushing frame by frame by... but now its all slipped away. And all I can remember is the lack of divide. Not you on the left and me on my side but an act of naming, joining, eyes meeting, breath intoxicating.

What He Knows What She Knows What You Know

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next time i come around i want to be a redwood.

The Sextant

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I was hope, and you were what I can only call consolation, as day after day you remained a grief in my throat.

Two poems by Kitty Boots

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To dance along the wrack line...

Speck in the Thrall of Cosmic Forces

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Fear the air and fear the fire./ Fear the land and fear the water./ Creation is out to get you, speck,

Chicken Noodle

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Damn this airplane

John's Wife

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Unreasonable anger, Each hour prescribed The house haunted with good intentions,

The Plum Fell

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A friend of mine is killing me With her lies. If I die, it's all Because of you. A friend of mine Is killing me with those eyes like Twin pyramids holding up her Blue skyline. Look I don't have to Explain her choice in eyeliner Graphics.…

Small Box

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Sometimes you have got to dance to Be heard. You have to sing out loud To be understood. Other times No matter what you splash in paint The beauty goes on shamelessly Not arousing any type of Curiosity. We're all at The dangerous…


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A friend's remark about androgyny, "it's overrated," she said.

Road Trip

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I threw my hand / at the gearshift/ the car glided off.

Awaiting the End of Time

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The alphabets will disappear.

Wandering Eye

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“If they look that good in shorts.” I warned him once, in a candid, humorous moment, “Then they’re probably too young for you to look at.”

Wet Work

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blinking out

3 Good Hubcaps - song

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I got 3 good hubcaps That oughta be enough You can take away my house You can take away my stuff Just leave it on the curbside With my beat-up Cadillac Got my 3 good hubcaps I ain’t never coming back

November Odds

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The stars align against us. Lines of force/ collaborate to push us off the edge/ into the dark abyss we’ve joked about.