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On the bed he tickled her until she was crying with laughter. And then the tickles became caresses, the fingers, lips.

Train Whistles In Wintertime

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Train whistles in wintertime made him feel lonely.

Tree Voices (revised)

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Purple Gel Tab

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When you collapse, fall in my stupid direction Or: if I say, you're the chosen one, do something shiny

Due to the volume of submissions

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Somebody pushed the automatic fuck-you button today, not the due-to-the-volume-of-submissions-we-receive button, nor the it-does-not-fit-our-editorial-needs button;


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If this was the day when the bribes of whiskey and US dollars would fail to work. If on this day a black bag, smelling of shit and fear, would be pulled over his head – the bloodied roots of a knocked out tooth tickling his neck.

Passing Past

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No one means to go that way, on an errand to the mall....


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Millicent asked me to stop over at her place for coffee after work because we needed to talk. While pouring, she said she was torn about telling me what her father used to do to her when her mom was not around, but she thought I needed to know how twisted her life was…

The Last Earthly Gift

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Your cheekbones startled me, sharp and prominent

Faith, Hope, and Charity

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She wears three or four tattered sweaters on cool days. She pushes a basket borrowed from a grocery store. There is a plastic lawn bag in the basket with God knows what inside.

Sweetie and Jack

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Let's walk through this park. We can talk until dark. You have the look of a wolf. I'm not stupid, Jack. I'm a lamb, you'll see, once you get to know me. That tat is fierce and your leathers tight black. My ink is old and black suits me, I'm told. …

Strange Bird

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shortest yet


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“Dolphins swim in the soul when it is calm,” the king of television yoga says. His face seems so relaxed. Suddenly, you feel the heat, and must remain quiet to remember, again. Later, you will hang with…

My FBI File

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He stated that these articles have appeared in two dozen issues of City Paper and that he is paid by its editorial board for these articles. He explained that his articles are "an inter-mixture of fiction and fact" and are "highly romanticized in order t

Small dreams of a late worker

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She stuffed the stars down her stockings and left;

The Girl Who Moved to Atlanta

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“It always about a man, isn’t it?” shrieked the collective furies of her mind.

Picture Window

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You call your wife. “Do you see what I see?” you ask.

A Thousand Days

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Some claim my brother lay with me, I own

The Secret

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Of course then I did it all over again. Got married, that is. Fortunately, this one worked out.

Live Oaks

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Neither/ evergreen nor exactly deciduous./ And soon, a yellow residue of pollen/ smearing hoods and windshields

A Skeptic’s Faith

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Sunrise steals


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He spends his Sunday morning spraying WD-40 through the straw-like stream attachment at the expansive paper nest of beige and ivory striped wasps.

1926: Cousin Ruby and her Chum, Ursula

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The Throgsnecker Gang crowned Ruby and Ursula Queens of the World in the barroom portion of Diddley's Clams. The girls, partaking as they had of numerous boilermakers, decided they were too good for the boys and yelled Adios! To their…

The Photograph

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But if he's been photographing her for almost thirty years, there must be close to 11,000 images. During the session, they don't speak. And, after so long, words are not really necessary.

Seed Toss

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Know what you’ll become? You’ll become one of those guys who masturbates in any single occupancy restroom that locks.

Finger Weaving A Voyageur Sash

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Night's air awhirl, the sky shoots fireflies. Sometimes, she bleeds black arrows in her dreams.

Three Micros

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The earth moves.

The Birds

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My wife goes away for a few days to the little town where Hitchcock filmed The Birds.

Today's Going fast

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screw everything, youth is plinko

The Light After Equinox

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Soon enough, October’s ragged/ lawn will hide its deficiencies// under withered leaves of oak,