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Visiting You Without Her

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I bear the wrong gin. Your air conditioner runs cold. It is either frigid or off, the gauge broken. You are not too old to overlook these things. You can't be choosy, but you will never beg. Just an occasional choice as you settle into this…

3 Poems

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We have always been a trashy species./ We study ourselves by examining/ garbage-- a pile of mussel shells here,

The comforting insignificance of numerical comparison

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Damned if you know who. Damned if you know what. Damned if you know why.

The Thirteenth Sign

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I'm twelve again and

Feets You Fail Me

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San Bruno avenue, six shops in eight blocks. Those Vietnamese ladies thrive on the pedicure trade.

Abusive Lover

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I'm glad you're dead

The Evening News

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When I got home from work I parked my briefcase in the hall, acknowledged our dog and immediately went into the kitchen where wife, Sherry, was cooking supper. Without turning around at the sink, she said her usual, How was your day? I said, Fine, and yours? She turned…

Letter for K.

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the kind of thing that begins with a fist


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It shouldn’t take that long to count/ to six but when the six are cats, arithmetic/ assumes Heisenbergian properties/ as the objects counted defy the count.


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walk into a cave

Of Tongue and Cheek

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Our beautiful currencies and stamps/ disappear into the digital vortex/ of accelerated appetites.

Never Talking to You Again

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everything becomes an excuse


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about killing

The balloon of you

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and the mass exceeds the buoyancy/ and gravity pulls you back,

Legs and Mirrors

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I don’t want to be touched when I’m upset.

Notes for a Life. In a Swing. No Wind to Speak of.

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Somewhere a banjo, somewhere a hound.


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“Easter’s coming,” my wife says. “Should I dress as a bunny or a chicken?” she asks. She means for the costume party.

Three Letter Word for Grief

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He wants me to squawk words at him in the middle of the night.

Blind Date with Nostradamus

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Rerun from a couple years back.


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Are you interested in a new account?

She spread her legs and flew away

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His unconscious sister on the floor, an emaciated mutt giving him the eye, and discreet piles of shit everywhere. Time to save the dog.

Nice Dream

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They must love me.

The Thing About Dooley

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Dressed only in a Speedo and sneakers, he asked about my day.

A Nun Walks Into A Library...

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Library life is full of surprises.

The Model

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My art teacher hated Salvador Dali.


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On the bed he tickled her until she was crying with laughter. And then the tickles became caresses, the fingers, lips.

Barn Owl

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I was out of my element. I was on property that wasn't mine. In a woods with mansions tucked away among the trees.

The Tease

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She was sick and tired of marriage. She didn't want to be a mother, but now she was.

Purple Gel Tab

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When you collapse, fall in my stupid direction Or: if I say, you're the chosen one, do something shiny


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If this was the day when the bribes of whiskey and US dollars would fail to work. If on this day a black bag, smelling of shit and fear, would be pulled over his head – the bloodied roots of a knocked out tooth tickling his neck.