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The Thump of Wing

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Perhaps, teetering on the edge of the garage, I might take flight myself over the treetops?


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Today I'm feeling fertilized by an egg—

My 27th Great-Grandparents

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Early Spring, 1075, Northumbria: Judith, too ashamed to speak, too angry to cry, waves her handmaiden away. She wants no food. Wind drives icy rain across the thickness of…

No access to the Hollywood Sign

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The sign that informs tourists that there is no access to the Hollywood Sign is the most ignored sign in all of Los Angeles.

End of Shift

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He was losing his fight with malaria, but you would never know it from his dreams

The Street to Here

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The beachy slope never draws such goliaths.

Supply and Demand

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There are 1.45 million readers of poetry in the US and 2.9 million poets. The odds of an audience are bad.

Modest Proposal

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It could be fun,/ with the guns, explosives, Molotov/ Cocktails and all,

Real Talk – A Ghost Story

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Tunnel hobos, all hootched up high, think a sign's all about super powers, mind reading, clairvoyance, dig?


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A cult is one thing; it defies common sense that a commonly educated person cannot escape cultist thinking and belonging. That cult, A.A., is girded by police, fire, therapy, hospitals, insurance companies, and courts.

A Change in Plan

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Times were tough back then. Just a few jobs. This was in the late thirties. It's the story of how Albert hooked up with Iris. Their unlikely meeting took place when they met out on the Highway 61 right-of-way just outside of Natchez, Mississippi, each trying to hitch…

The Cosmos as Gerunds

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There is no there or where but rather/ trajectories of probability


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The nearsighted world/ puts on its lenses

San Clemente Freeway—Late Night 1995

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Maybe that’s why I agreed to get out of bed at 3am and drive fifteen miles to San Clemente, to see if the shreds of my love for you were suspended from the enormous Carrow’s sign like tattered remnants of a hawk’s kill.


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I'm curious, what's the nameplate on my door?

A Friend From Back Then

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That afternoon she met me in the lobby of my hotel and we simply smiled at each other in the elevator going up to my room where we sat on the couch for about three hours and told of our lives, of being apart, for so many years, then sensing our time was nearly used up, I…

Thumbs Up Jesus

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Good buddy Jesus./ Life coach Jesus. Enthusiastic// and optimistic Jesus, no cross/ or crown of thorns in sight.


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Well, I finally checked myself into this what you call a “ Facebook Rehab Clinic” up here just about 40 miles outside of Kalispell, Montana in a little town called Gulag and, as I'm sure you can guess, there's no posting or commenting or liking anything anymore…

Paris in the the Spring

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he thought of her / longingly

Business Casual

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She looked up and said, “You're not the only guy I see, you know.”


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Each little token is the world/ as you knew it at each time and place

Morning and Coffee

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A dirtied light falls through/ the grimed windowpanes.

Winter of ’84

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I’ve quit my job and squirreled away a bit of cash to get me started. I’ll live with Eoghan Brady and some other Irish guys in a house in Harrow and Wealdstone.

Lost among the Riff-raff

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Poor, pocked Ceres- dwarf planet/ trapped among mere asteroids-


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tuck me

Where's Waldo?

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Over his usual ham sandwich and Pepsi for lunch Uncle Waldo used to often say, “Going out in the dead of night without a flashlight is dangerous” and I'd nod but I kept slipping out, sneaking down my secret path and take a dip in the rich neighbor's pool because…

Sounds like leaving

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chains across all the old doors

Bacon's Blood (29)

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The plan is hatched.

Enough, Trump

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Enough, Trump. We've had it my dear, with your pink ties, your hairs, your swagger, your towers, your money, tempers, walls, bombs, smarts, snarls, pouts and doubts, bigotty bile, and once again, style. We just…