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Crows etc.

No Future

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Two poems by Kitty Boots

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To dance along the wrack line...

Speck in the Thrall of Cosmic Forces

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Fear the air and fear the fire./ Fear the land and fear the water./ Creation is out to get you, speck,

Chicken Noodle

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Damn this airplane

John's Wife

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Unreasonable anger, Each hour prescribed The house haunted with good intentions,

The Plum Fell

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A friend of mine is killing me With her lies. If I die, it's all Because of you. A friend of mine Is killing me with those eyes like Twin pyramids holding up her Blue skyline. Look I don't have to Explain her choice in eyeliner Graphics.…

Trompe L'Oeil

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I saw myself leaning against the shop window, yet I was standing metres away. Imagine being in two places at once. Intrigued, I watched her. Striking resemblance: a tall slim body in a yellow lace dress, fuzzy hair, long nose, bony knees: replicas of…

Kite Flying

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She may never know and it sureis a small world. She may neverknow and they have a list. She maynever know, I'm very grateful.She may never know and I couldhave sworn we were getting alongfine. I refuse to say goodbye. I am still wearing sun-glasses. She may never…

Sinking Feeling

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The bar tender is Austrian but blames her American accent on Netflix. It´s totally normal nowadays. Right?

Small Box

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Sometimes you have got to dance to Be heard. You have to sing out loud To be understood. Other times No matter what you splash in paint The beauty goes on shamelessly Not arousing any type of Curiosity. We're all at The dangerous…

Road Trip

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I threw my hand / at the gearshift/ the car glided off.

Awaiting the End of Time

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The alphabets will disappear.

Wandering Eye

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“If they look that good in shorts.” I warned him once, in a candid, humorous moment, “Then they’re probably too young for you to look at.”

Wet Work

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blinking out

Napomo 17: April 13 - 18

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Bones consolidate with age. The fleshy/ bits of body follow by wrinkling and/ spreading outward, appearing to expand.

November Odds

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The stars align against us. Lines of force/ collaborate to push us off the edge/ into the dark abyss we’ve joked about.


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after Mark Strand This featureless age holds us in distain, So too, the sage that speaks of only fate, And always the steeple, the ship, the acid rain. Somewhere up north a loon cries in pain, A deal…

Snatch XIII

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wild gesticulations below a jasmine moon

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The Sweetness of Youth

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On my twenty-second birthday, in the spring of 1979, I had a crawfish boil, my first. Ninety pounds of red mudbugs on a picnic table spread with newspaper, my birthday cake sitting at the end of the table like an afterthought.I hadn't…

Lucky Faces

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The people with the lucky faces Are always sneaking out more credit For everything than they deserve. Maybe They are right, maybe it's our fault For buying into the myths of the Land of mirrors. The people with the Lucky faces haven't…

Revolving Wheel

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The planet looks so peaceful doesn't it? Want a Gumball? Like a pancake with blue dye mixed into Its bowl and carried out by a winking Victorian Baker. Like a bowling ball with just the right Weight for your clumsy fingers. Like a silent…

Lucky Strike

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I like the smoke going in but I like it even more when it's coming out

Meditation on a Pomegranate

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The Girl With No Name

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I still have the photo, its torn/ top edge white and soft from decades/ of rubbing.


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Trigger warning: casualties of war.

Dinner With the Footnotes

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Pam was, for just a moment, speechless; there it was, out in the open, for all to see, like an upchucked chipmunk from their cat Mitzi on the rug in front of us.

The Ogontz Branch

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There are stories I will not tell, stories I shudder / to remember. You'll forgive me for withholding them from you. / You may, of course, not tell me everything about yourself either

Call to Arms

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I call upon all cashiers in dungarees... I call upon the baristas in rags... I call upon those whose sinister principles tax the weakness of their conscience... I call upon all those deracinated by dreaming big...