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Wind Drinks Time Like Wine

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but let's stop and take another look at things could it be through our closed eyes that we didn't really know what we were talking about that there never was a surprise

EPA: Flash Fiction Will Fill Dumps by 2021

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"Basically what we're talking about is literary Kleenex.”

Half Staff

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We mourn/ in perpetuity and are inured

Dignity Village, Portland

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A cheap pocket knife was the only sharp I carried in my backpack and they allowed me that. The man with the pot tattoo on his neck said, “All of us here needs some type of knife. You gotta cut up your food. We don't…

Frozen Shells

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I had some words, but the truth is they don't mean a thing because whatever it is I was trying to say to you always crumbles to the ground in front of you. I had some words, but the bullying wind was stronger than me and ripped them…

The Eleventh Commandment

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I never thought I’d miss the sound of church bells, reminding me of my sudden apostasy, faintly ringing over the rumpus where even the birds can’t get a word in edgeways.

one dozen haiku

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strumming on the pipe/blowing on the lute's body/drumming on the horn.


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my family's Scottish heritage


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"Lately I've been thinking a baby's the only way I might be able to hang on to you."

Sunday Service

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How they all beat the small drum/ of the word within the world


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Preaching to a streetlight

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Wishing for the Shadow of a Perfect Cube

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Words darken with smut and irony over time.

A Thought for Emily

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Your precious feet were there once pressed against the familiar floorboards when your poems suddenly appeared to you like lightning. I wonder which window they came in? Here's a thought: you were like a window. You caught all that light…

Listening to You

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Your voice caresses me and your words as feathers stroke my spine. You trace the contours of my breasts and from my nipple suck the wine we spilt. Wrapped in your poetry I listen as you touch me with the cadence of your soul.

Self Recognition in Chelsea

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Self-Fired Bullets

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Grasping for control over social consciousness Because cigarettes are too deadly and so is anorexia

The Absolute Goes Round In Circles

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My God. It never ends

Four Poems

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Our disappearance would register/ as the movement of a sand grain/ on a windy beach full of sand.

The Same

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The bus is late; the papers disappear. The china breaks, and the suit does not fit.

Memory and Restoration

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How a breeze feels evaporating sweat on neck and forearms.

Feasts of the Heart--Part 2

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The renowned chef, Pierre LaMotte, taught his disciples that the first one thousand soufflés a chef prepares should be discarded.

Something Else

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Why Can’t God Send Us Some New Kind of Animal?

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I guess the ultimate, penultimate failure would be to write a love poem that turned on everybody but you.

CNN Student News

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We watch the news together every day. 10 minutes total; flashes of tragedy broken up with fluffy current events.

Having brunch with my friends

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I ordered biscuits and gravy at the Sunset Grill, Just before the Amber Alert

That One Time We Were on NPR...

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Twelve people in the band, the two women arrive first (arrive on time).

Mind Your Inspiration

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Be careful when you choose your muse, for she may be a siren.

Boredom takes a Snapshot

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