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Tawny Frogmouth

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The wildlife smuggler grabbed me while I was in winter torpor. He wrapped me in cloth, taped my wings down and put me in a pouch. We crossed the seas. In a new country he sold me to a bird collector. There I was in a cage, far from my…

Bodies Approaching Rest

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He hates this body no less now/ than he did at 14 for its pudginess/ and the hair that can’t conform


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The question isn't whether we will survive-/ like rats, we are supremely adaptive-// but whether we should survive.


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I wake up with the taste of mud in my mouth. Ashy, sulfurous, charred, with traces of rotten shellfish.


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“still watersrun deep” is not my portionborn to make waves Formed from the ocean

With My Eye

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my space heater throws a pale orange light my white candles flicker in the middle of the night

The Stinger

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Having once had a holiday misadventure as a teenager I've become cautious. Overcautious perhaps, timid, but that's me now at twenty left with persistent scars. You might want me to elaborate on my experience but I prefer not to. It's become part of my personal domain,…

Space Program

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Mercury and Gemini disappointed.

The Dry World

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drunkards indulge, addicts abuse

Paws in Snow

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I suppose I'm getting nostalgic. The white landscape is suddenly interlacing with my reverie. I must return just for the memory of Blizzie. Faint paw prints in the snow-covered trail. It was walking along a lake, at the foot of a…


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I made you a playlist

Despite Your Faith

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As the other mammals go extinct,/ we can’t presume we are immune// because of big brains and a history/ of belief in the control of nature.


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it's about dead trees

Latté plus

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Hurried, hassling suit in front of me is being awful to the barista. So she refuses to serve him, turning away.

Blurred Waters

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He was a boy then, barely ten, when he sat on the edge of the pond, watched the ducks swim, made intermittent ricochets. He didn't exactly know what had come over him that day. Whether it had been premeditated and meant to hurt. Or just an impulse of the moment,…

The Laughing Grave

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Newhouse returned his gaze to his wet palm, which he lifted to his nose with suspicion, sniffed again and again, then struggled to move out from under the growing stream.


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These little things, they are the hope We are hoping for, they are everywhere. I made this one just for you. Call them feathers. Call them roses. You'll See them if you need them. These Little things carry the good news that …

On the Bench (Matthew III)

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turn your face

The Little Hen

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Janet must not have known that she was just a little hen with not much more brain than a tiny bird. She believed she knew everything, how to get around the place, how to defend herself, and how to make up her own mind. She felt she didn't have to learn and was convinced she…

The Beast Remembers Its Promise

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It's a good thing—because Of the way that feeling Made her even more beautiful. You shouldn't doubt such a Feeling. It's a good thing— Because frankly you have Been informed. When Beauty Loses her way, even The…

Uniquer Than Thou

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brilliant green eyes


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time timed times time


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"Our thoughts wear no masks ... they’re on display in our gaze."

Bleeding Moon

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Four from “Autobiographies”

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The white space beckons-/ a blank wall in a decrepit neighborhood-/ wishing to be decorated or defiled

Version - 2.0

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Pale like a tracing of a memory

Why I Love You

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I love you because your eyes are both crossed When you do it, because you’re focused On the inside of the universe I love you because You’re on a roller coaster Through life And I can ride along For the thrill of it I love you because


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It's weird to be here. I wonder if you are here too. You'd probably say oh that was years ago. And you would be right. But I like the things we believed in then. Some of them I still do. You're one I guess. You were so pretty and golden in your…

A Rejected Bone

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I offered you a piece of prose. You tell me it's just a bone. You say you're not impressed, you want nerves, muscles, flesh and ... It's solid, I retort, slick, shapely, ivoried. True, it's chipped, cracked and gnawed. Why is it so? you ask. …

Got A Light

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The Catholic wedding was my idea even though the only god I believe in is Gary Stewart's vibrato (especially in "Ten Years of This").