Paula Ray

Location North Carolina
Occupation musician

About Me

I am a musician from the North Carolina coast and have been writing for several years.

My work has appeared in: Word Riot, Wigleaf, decomP, elimae, Loch Raven Review, Leodegraunce, Lascaux, and numerous other zines both online and in print.

Why do you write?

I write because it sets my spirit free.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I'm a contemporary poetry junkie and I'm always finding new names to add to my list of favorite poets - some are famous poets and many are not.

Paula Ray's Wall

Bill Yarrow – May 25, 2011

Thanks for commenting on "Getting Godless," Paula!

Meg Pokrass – May 23, 2011

Paula you are so kind to say what you did about "Sit in Here" - I love the way you said it and it made me really happy - i don't get why that one is liked so much but I am glad it is because it was inspired by Jeff Landon's Flying - which you must google and read. It is the best.

Christopher Allen – May 23, 2011

Hi, Paula! Thank you. Your reading of "The Pain Taster" was beautiful. It made my night. Hope your doing well. :)

Carol Reid – May 19, 2011

Hi Paula! thanks for the kind comment on my story, I appreciate it!

MaryAnne Kolton – May 19, 2011

Thanks for your kind comments on the biker piece, Paula. I think if you look hard enough there is a little biker bitch in all of us! Totally loving your work here!

Bill Yarrow – May 17, 2011

Hi, Paula. Glad you see you back! Happy you liked the Waffle poem. Thanks for commenting!

James Lloyd Davis – May 17, 2011

Thank you, Paula, for the lovely commment and the fave for "On the train to Otsu Station."

Meg Pokrass – May 17, 2011

Paula - thank you for your kind words on my nose story!

Mark Reep – May 17, 2011

Paula, thanks for taking time to read and comment on House Rabbit. Was a fun piece to write. Thanks too for your comment about the things we make a life of. Good stuff!

Dean H. Wild – Oct 07, 2010

Thank you for the reflections on Dishwater Panacea. I appreciate the kind words!

Kathy Fish – Oct 07, 2010

Appreciate your read, lovely comments and fave of "Snow" Paula. Thanks much.

Michael Dickes – Oct 07, 2010

Hey Paula! Thanks for your comments on "Missing Person". I see you're a musician. Got any tunes on line I can check out? I've been a songwriter most of my life....used to tour alot....till the kids came along.


Bill Yarrow – Oct 07, 2010

Thanks, Paula! Really pleased you liked "In the Pastel City." The last line comes from The Tempest.

Kathy Fish – Oct 04, 2010

Thanks for reading and commenting on "Lip" Paula...

Bill Yarrow – Oct 04, 2010

Thanks, Paula. Glad you liked "Violet Rivers."

Paul Hargreaves – Oct 04, 2010

I've just stumbled onto your writing and am dazzled by the richness of it. Started with Free Space and Turtle Summer went onto a few others. Your voice is absolute candy. And then I read that you're a musician. Please tell me a bit about that if you have a moment – what you play, where I can sample your music online, etc. If the writing is any indication, I'll bet it's superb stuff.

Kim Conklin – Sep 28, 2010

Thanks for the generous comment on If Wishes Were Horses, Paula. I appreciate the read!

James Lloyd Davis – Sep 28, 2010

Thank you for the fave and comment on "The Storefront Poet."

Bill Yarrow – Sep 27, 2010

Thanks for commenting on "Son of Uncle Sam," Paula. Always appreciate your visits.

Johnny Dantonio – Sep 27, 2010

Hey Paula! Thanks so much for reading and commenting on "Abandoned" ... means a lot!

Kate Brown – Sep 26, 2010

Hi Paula, thanks ever so much for your comment on Amoco Cadiz.

Larry Strattner – Sep 23, 2010

Thanks Paula; for the Fluid Life. It's a work in progress.

Roberto C. Garcia – Sep 22, 2010

Thanks again for the comments Paula. Look forward to returning the favor.

Meg Pokrass – Sep 22, 2010

Paula - so so good to see you here, and thanks for your warm comments about my work. Keep posting. I love your stories! -Meg

James Robison – Sep 22, 2010

Thank you yet again. I'm grateful and encouraged.

Gary Percesepe – Sep 22, 2010

thanks for reading & commenting on the affair thingie--

good to meet ya here,


Kathy Fish – Sep 22, 2010

Thanks for your comments on "Cure" Paula!

Jack Swenson – Sep 21, 2010

Paula, be sure check out the story in the first issue to Mark Reep's new Ramshackle Review. Thanks for your comment about "Naked Ladies."

Christian Bell – Sep 21, 2010

Paula, thanks for your comments on "We Are Not Joaquin Phoenix"!

Johnny Dantonio – Sep 20, 2010

thanks so much for your comments! i'm relatively new to this thing and think it is so cool when someone says something about my work :) made my night.. cheers!

Dean H. Wild – Sep 20, 2010

Thanks for the nice words about Not There (and for the fav!) I'm honored.

Bill Yarrow – Sep 20, 2010

When I started here last April, I was posting every day and a half. Put up 75 pieces by July! Anyway, now I've decided on once a week. I think that's a better pace.

Bill Yarrow – Sep 20, 2010

Welsome, Paula!
Love the The Orange Room Review. I'm in issue #16. Cool you're there! In Up the Staircase #6 also. Another nice venue.
Thanks for your comments on my poem "Epithalamion."

David Erlewine – Dec 27, 2008

Hey there! Thanks for your kind reply! You're the best. I can't wait to read your piece in Dogzplot! So glad Rosanne put us in touch. She's awesome. David

David Erlewine – Dec 26, 2008

Thanks for the note! Congrats on all your recent successes (seen your name a few times on duotrope)! kudos! david

David Erlewine – Dec 25, 2008

Hi Paula! Nice to see ya here!

barry graham – Dec 23, 2008

yeah, i like cooper's drawings. the transvestite marilyn monroe is my favorite. have you seen it?

Rosanne Griffeth – Dec 22, 2008

Hey Paula--hope you enjoy it here! It's not as active as Zoe--but it's getting there.

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