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No Place for Unicorns or Teddy Bears

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The ironic symbolism of thinking about fornication while feeding an 8 foot long steel shaft into the orifice of a machine that chops it into little pieces is not completely lost on me. However, this is no place to contemplate life in terms of Freudian ima

Salt of the Earth

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Eddie operates a drill press. A robotic automaton, he stands at the same machine day after day wearing a grimy beanie and filthy cover-alls. Smoke curls from a cigarette dangling on his lower lip. Most of his teeth are missing and he drools profusely and stutters…

Good Help Is Hard to Find

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Some of them are notorious tweakers. Nobody epitomizes the cowboy-outlaw biker more than the ironworkers, who are wired on Black Beauties they sell on breaks.

The Medicine

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It wasn't pain but half of it, so half of it I mended