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Touching Candy Taylor

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But you know what? You give yourself a fall back plan, you fall back. Not me. I am shooting for the stars and rising high. Next week, I start filming my first feature film. I get to play Tommy Lee Jones’ sexy little stepdaughter. Me and Tommy are g


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I was dating my yoga class. It was going all right. Which is to say, the sex was pretty fantastic but otherwise I was beginning to lose interest. I'm thinking of one Saturday afternoon in the summer. We ended up browsing for Father's Day gifts at Crate & Barrel in …


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Takeo Suzuki was teaching KC, big-time film actor and director, the proper way to slice yellowtail. The chef made four quick cuts. KC mimicked him, but his cuts were barbaric and loud.

My Experience At AWP Collecting Imaginary Husbands

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OK - imaginary hubands... you know who you are! Now it is time to earn some money and wash the car! Confession: Chris Bell proposed hiding a few dozen red roses behind his back. This could have been the highlight of AWP if I hadn't already been marrie

A Delicate and Ancient Art

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He was a sushi chef, and he would spend hours in their kitchen practicing his knife skills, and the speed with which he can put that there and this in that and so on; and she would see him on the floor most mornings, still wearing that dirty, tattered ban

Sushi Tango

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"He was seriously flirting with you. All that free squid and shit! He never does that."