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The Promise of an Outlaw

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The outlaw looked upon him with a spiteful silence as if he regarded what the man had said as the dumbest thing he had ever heard. Welcome to Alma. I’m Siddhartha Jesus Smith, he said again. You some kinda confused preacher, Sid? No sir. No nee

Waiting for His Wife

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"Dad, I already told you about your wife. She’s not coming."

One Cent Baby

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Yesterday, I ripped off Dollar General. Today my baby died. Tomorrow I will file a lawsuit. After all, someone has to pay.

Stories from the War

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He didn’t know how to tell his story. It wasn’t an easy story to tell. There certainly was a clear beginning, but it didn’t make much sense to start at the beginning. There was no way to end the story either; the ending seemed to last forever.

The Spider and the Corpse, Or, The Corpse and the Spider

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The corpse lay silently in his open casket. Dressed in the finest silken suit. Italian. Rubber skin pulled over his bones. Arms folded in eternal prayer.

Suicide Draft

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So, dear world, whose dearness I have never truly known, I bid you adieu.

Wavering Faith

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Grady Quail wondered why God didn't just have another son