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Fringe Element

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In order to be a catalyst for catharsis — which is just a fancy way of saying agent of change — you have to be willing to condition yourself into something partially inhuman. Only something on the very outskirts of humanity…

Scene at the Courthouse

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Realization of one's ongoing decline. Not a bad thing.

The False Lords Of Romantic Love

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I, too, am guilty of the ancient, air-borne crimeThat for spring of woman usurping womanPerforating senses, she too winters over time. Ah! it behooves, how men like to believeThe more attractive this genome of woman is,The more dedicated will be her love. Disillusioned,…


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I can feel the beat of a drum in my chestIt beats, regulating the highway systemsThat course through this vessel of lifeIf there is enough concentration, maybeThere will be felt the passage ofPlatelettes through the tunnels andChambers, the feeling of oxygen passingFrom…

Josh and the Elder

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A cruel reminder of his irrelevance to the world of law, a world he had probably ruled for over 40 years.

Living Alone

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The thing about living alone is, you’ve got no one to scratch your back. If it’s a whisper of an itch, a fleeting thing, it can usually be taken care of by leaning casually against a doorframe and swaying back and forth. Which can actually be quite nice,