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Energy Eater, from King David

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“When I was in Vietnam, lying in that horseshoe-shaped rice paddy after I’d been hit, I was waiting to die. I was fully expecting to die, Mr. Steadman."

Flooding the Memory River

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His movements were slowed by the metaphysical force of his own passing recollections, and he brushed from his face the silt he'd distrurbed on this forced descent.

The Unnatural History of Brown's Island

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When a gas line broke, the island was sealed off, and rescue squads sat on the service bridge with their lights flashing.

Quid Pro Quo

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Lori, hand still on her chest, grasped at the cheap nylon of her halter dress and felt the tightly coiled roll of twenties and hundred dollar bills near her left breast. She hit the accelerator.

How the Species Began Again, I

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Tina saw a tear escape from beneath the frame of the man’s broken glasses. It followed the contour of his cheek until it quivered along his jaw line.

Conceived in the New Liberty

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Each mobile unit carried an Alsetex grenade launcher for dispersing tear gas. Any group of five or more people was deemed suspicious and immediately dispersed by roving patrols.

Italy, 1990

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She...learned the ways of men, especially foreign men, who eyed her mother even as they passed around pictures of their children, wallet-bound photographs that included their reluctantly smiling wives.

The Metope Prophecy

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When his brown eyes met the lapis colored stones representing hers, she leaned forward from her exalted position and whispered to him, “Save me.”

The Color of Silence is Radium Green

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...the teeth she began to lose went under her pillow, though no money ever appeared. She could not bear to throw them away and finally deposited them in her jewelry box next to the string of seed pearls she received on the morning of her confirmation.