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Death Watch

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I murdered my parents 8 years ago.

The Criminal Intern

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"Look, Ted, I'm on a timer. It's really hell here, you can't imagine. And I have a chance to get paroled early, if you do me a solid."

Sweat, Tears, Saliva

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When Mr. Gregor pulled me by the arm, Lo pounced on him. Knocking Mr. Gregor to the ground with one shove. He then rammed his fist into the young teacher’s face, breaking his glasses, making blood ooze from his thin nose.


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I had the idea while I was in the county jail. I would get jail glasses; I wouldn’t be me; I’d be some other person. I could pretend that it was someone else rotting away in that 8x12 cell.

An Incarcerated Life

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The ruling stipulated that the plaintiff be allowed to return to her prison cell at once and that this residence henceforth be considered permanent. Leila smiled a lottery smile and then she returned home to the dampness, to the walls flaking and the flak


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After nine months, I was granted early parole...


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where teenage mothers sat in the waiting room feeding babies from bottles filled with Coca-Cola and Group 13 was filled with the unluckiest women in the world.

Because Your Choices Were Poor

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Foolish boy, you chose your parents poorly-