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The Paprika Ewer

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Valeria never whistled. Nor did she approve of people who did. One thing she had learned in her sixty-seven years was that people who whistled were crass. Butchers whistled. So did peasants.

A Butcher's Tale

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Thomas Alexander hoisted the 275-pound pig onto the table and proceeded to spread the carcass open by its sides with his hands. Whistling as he fastened on his belly-guard and pulled his hands into safety gloves, he began the process of butchering the beast into bacon, ham,…

No Ordinary Pig

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During the day we search for truffles. I have a pig named Henry. He is a big help. He wanders the forest sniffing for truffles like a parable of porcine inquisitiveness. He knows what he is doing. He is not just a pig. Nor ordinary pig. He is a French pig