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One Last Word

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Almost 24 hours ago in Pakistan, Osama Bin Laden was sleeping just as he had slept every night for the hundreds of days prior; comfortable in a million dollar compound with his son and advisors around him...

The Crossing

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His left hand is still clutching the blue Bic lighter in his pocket, rubbing it slowly but firmly. Anticipation is building, filling Theodore up like a combustible gas inside of a too-small container.


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If I could see the universe/ from outside the universe// would it look like a snowflake

The Whore

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The man and the whore lay in bed together. It was a cold night and they were warmed by the heat beneath the…

Penny 4 Your Thoughts#

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This little six year old girl drops a penny in my jar . . . and of course I don't want her to get the wrong idea of homeless people like her parents do, so I'm real nice and say thank you very much . . . Contains language some may find offensive.