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Bones of the Amazon, Part I of a Novella

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Lulu Petite was sitting in a lounge chair by the side of the pool when she heard the man splash into the water, almost unnoticed by the guests milling around the backyard of the palatial estate. Everybody, seemingly, was involved in a balancing act of one

The Lottery Ticket, First 20 pages of a novel excerpt

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SO ABOUT TEN minutes later Heidi arrived at the house with her boyfriend in tow, looking as if she had stepped out of an MTV music video, her black leather jacket loaded with sequins and silver studs, her blonde hair now colored green, all frizzy and unke

We Will Elevate (Part One)

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As a kid, I never imagined that my death would come at the base of a massive presidential shrine. Well, at least not often

We Will Elevate (Part Two)

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The Buffalo group together in herds and are massive, intimidating creatures. You get the impression that--if desired--they could easily orchestrate a plan to stop you atop a hillside, then ram your car over the edge.