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The Greatest Public Works Program

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Hope wakes starving/ in the storm,/ to off and hunt.

The Nation that Pissed-Off God

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President Obama watched with growing curiosity as the TV set came to life. On its screen there suddenly appeared a short sentence, which read, “PREPARE TO RECEIVE A MESSAGE FROM YOUR LORD GOD AND CREATOR”. Nothing else was visible nor audible. Perpl

Michelle's Radioactive Compost

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"That's not likely to happen here," said Obama.

Flipping Off People With Romney Bumper Stickers

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“Hey,” I begin, a naughty smile breaking across my face before I can get to the punchline, “Want to drive around flipping off anyone with a Romney bumper sticker?” Kaleb chuckles and beams at me. It seems everyone likes a good girl turned naughty.

Dear Barack and Michelle

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People think I'm joking when I say I write a letter to the president every day. But he has an email line to hear from his constituents, just like all the Congressmen do. So it's not as crazy as it sounds. I feel it is my duty and a fine…

The Real Story Behind The Lipstick On Obama's Shirt

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The lipstick on your collar walked up the steps and through the front door, without a key. Her smile was hypnotically red and bountiful. The guards standing around didn't dare frisk her for weapons, her lips were weapon enough.

Concerning A Case of Cigarillo Mania

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A quick review of the evidence establishes beyond reasonable doubt that Michael Brown was a Cigarillo addict, whose enslavement to the slim, white tipped cigars drove him to rob the convenience store that morning. And, by the time he was confronted by Wil