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We Are Awake

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When you sleep in a tent you hear every whisper of the people in the site next to yours. Every mouse sifting through the fire pit. Every widowmaker in the trees that cracks and falls to the ground.

My Kentucky Fried Ascension (Memoir)

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My Almost-Clash with The Rolling Stones (Memoir)

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I'd been living in Boston, but, on a whim, flew to London, England. Soon I was working as support staff for the actor Alan Bates and his wife, Victoria, on a movie called "The Shout", shooting in Devon.

Poplar Hill Chapter 1: The Ice Storm

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Within an hour of the storm starting Kitty was growing anxious. This was to be a “long duration event,” according to the weatherman. Already there was a visible sheen on the road and Vern, a neighbor right up the road, had gently spun his truck into the d