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There is nothing I love so much as a fat person, or admire. The largeness of their soul demands abundant sufficiency of casing and, further, because they are so grand of psyche, so much more than those who are skinny (not I!), they need—require—that f

This Land is My Land

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Niggers and spics, kikes and Micks (don't forget the krauts and deggos, too) live on land that belongs to you. If your skin is red, you're better off dead than deal with this sordid affair. No one told you caveat venditor, “Let the seller beware.”…

I Know Where the Yakonan Have Gone

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Is it indolence or culture that makes us pause here? It's worship of the fiction of the world, is what it is. I stretch, and can feel a lightness where there once wasn't…

7 or 8 Things I Know About Him - A Stolen Biography

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Wonderful When his mother was a little girl, her father would braid her hair until it was exactly right. When she asked him how it looked, he always said,…