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Dancing Beneath a Gazebo

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We learned to dance beneath a gazebo / in Spring Lake Park / We were fourteen


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When he utters the first words -- which rarely vary, the better to signal that the waiting is over and the main attraction has begun -- “It was a quiet week in our little town...” -- half the audience applauds for nothing.


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I find my mother’s pink Pyrex mixing bowl at the antique store on Fairview Avenue. It’s in the hands of a fat woman in a blue down parka, and she’s holding it upside down, squinting at the sticker on the bottom.

Donkey Dick

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"They can sew them back on, you big baby." Gerri held a pint glass full of ice, two gray fingertips poking out of it like Vienna sausages.Not a drink you'll find in Mr. Boston's guide. Not one we serve at the Deuce, and we're a punk club.