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Sounding Well

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There is Truth in imperfection,Symmetry in distortion.Like a sounding well,You can determine the depth of me--PlumbTruthfrom myCore.Test your breath against meSay lies all--I will not believe them.Here am I,Proof Against your intransigence.But do not despair:There…

Smokestack Lightning

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The gargantuan monolith shot straight up like an erect phallus from the charred and barren plain. Towering over a cluster of squat and windowless concrete buildings; it pierced the sky and chuffed out thick plumes of murky, mustard-colored sulfurous smoke. I sat down…


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Things get lost in Big John, too. I see the other guys throw jokes about his size at his body that wedge their way into his armpits or into the wrinkles of his laugh lines and disappear. I’m not sure if it all disappears to remind us how small we are,