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I love this, she spit...

So I Drew Him a Poodle

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He went to pour some iced chamomile tea which smelled like dog shit when he took it out of the mini-fridge.


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The doctors and nurses don’t know I dance at The Sauce, smile at me with respect.

My (Imaginary) Dinner With Lydia Davis

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Everyday I take advantage of my looks, for example I never remove lint from my socks, my gloves, or my hat.


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He asked again.


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"And who with the lovely feet am I speaking with tonight?" he said. "First name only, please".

Kumquat Soda (and video)

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Pam spied her ex-husband, Steve, at a Whole Foods market. He was buying red organic grapes, seedless grapes, the type of grapes that babies choke on.

Reflection #1

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It is night and the business of plastic has swallowed me like it did my father.

Like a Family

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live on Carl Street near the park in a room big enough for myself and maybe a ferret, a half block from the express train.

#3 The Horse Shrink - A Lick and a Promise

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The bed was rocking, or I was dying, or I was on a ride and having a super dream.

#5 - The Horse Shrink - Looking For A Hired Hand

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I am 32 years of age with a mind to mind. I grew up molled, comfortable around women (and do not pull out my dick)

Time Travel

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She gives me the finger, goes back to her book about time travel.

#6 The Horse Shrink - A Beef

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"But you're all balled up," I said. "Back down," she hissed.

Villa Monterey Apartment, Burbank

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Can you walk on my back with your little bare feet honey? Sam asks.


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He did not see the large fake goat dancing in circles.