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This Is Not A George Saunders Story

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I’m nowhere near as clever as George Saunders. You might be here looking for something else, something more profound or even biting satire or absurdism but, nope, just me in a cave.

Easy Gods

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I carry extra weight and acne like battle scars and badges. I read this thing online the other night, something that Updike said after Kurt Cobain killed himself and everyone heard about it from Kurt Loder a few minutes before I left for an 8th grade dance where…

Intentional Households

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Bradley turns out to be a walking red flag. He approaches as I unload the U-Haul and says, "Hi, I'm Bradley. I'm not very modest so you might see me from time to time in various stages of undress." Bradley is the last man on Earth I wish to see undressed.