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Polar Bear

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“The bear can run 100 yards in 8 seconds. These rifles can fire 5 shots in 8 seconds. So if a bear charges, I give you four seconds. After that, boom.” The guide put down the rifle. “I will wait for you to shoot,” he said. “But not too long."

Gyoza Express

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I’m Eve and I don’t know the name for Eve in Japanese. But I know the prices of apples everywhere.

The Fox in the Garden

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It was 1635. During the time of the Tokugawa, not too many years before the British were expelled from Nippon, Minister Miyoshi no Kyoyuki of Edo decided to indulge in a practice he had heard rumored of the British.

What The Hell Nationality Are You?

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It’s confusing enough to grow up in a place like America, a country without definitive culture, except for ranch dressing and reality TV, but it’s even worse to grow up half one thing, half another, christened a hyphenation of names without connection to

Bad Dad

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When they were seven, he’d taken them out to the desert and let them shoot a .38 at rusted cans. The explosions rocked them back on their heels.

Original Music Makes: Episode 1 - 01

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Sounds of bass and disco-techno music pounded the air around Duran. The music, pulsing strobe lights and streams of fluorescent colour sent his senses on a celebratory high.

Falcon Eyes

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"Kinky. You gonna slug me one with your tight fist down there?" Falcon teased the biggest boy.

Sushi Tango

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"He was seriously flirting with you. All that free squid and shit! He never does that."