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It hadn’t been a great job, but I sometimes miss the dreamy languor of the waterbed store. It had taken time to realize I was a decoy, that the business was a front for Doty’s drug operation. My…


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I had the idea while I was in the county jail. I would get jail glasses; I wouldn’t be me; I’d be some other person. I could pretend that it was someone else rotting away in that 8x12 cell.


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After nine months, I was granted early parole...


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OVERDUE BLUES What am I gonna do now the rent overdue and in my wallet ain't doo-doo? Throw a shoe at the cat, swat at a gnat, catch a flyby yellowjacket? Kick through the morning dew. Puppies get soaked as all the bills soaked up all my dough.…


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My mother looked up and began to laugh, it was a nervous tittering, but there was delight in her eyes at the crazy spectacle of our small black puppy eluding, probably taunting all these armed police.

Oklahoma, 1944: Howard Hughes Spends the Night in Jail

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There's a drain in the floor.