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they’d been pumping him with Dilaudid at night, to adjust his palette for what was coming, in the soft lamp light he watched his long fingers sprout pink caterpillar fuzz, knuckles morphed into hinges for Monarch butterflies,

After the Tempest

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Someday, the Grim Reaper, wrapped in hooded cowl, the thorny stem of a red rose clenched between his teeth, will climb up the garden trellis to my bedroom window. But not today.

Passing the Last Buoy

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I am stunned that you’re gone here one moment, vanished the next leaving only profound stillness in all the spaces and moments you used to be

The Lemma

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I deciphered the signature of a schizophrenic teenager in Mumbai, the chirography of American psychiatrists and European poets, the algorithms and obfuscated codes of the CP/M and the MITS Altair, was communicated the true intention of the Rohonc Codex (u

Driving Home at Midnight

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Driving home at midnight, on a night so dark, so wild. Headlights can't pierce the gateway to oblivion. Moon and stars peek out through storm clouds. A black hole in the dead of night, swallows all light back into itself. The same late night DJ on two different…

At the Number Party

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and dreamed itself infinite.