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Independence Day

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Not long ago, Owen the Second showed her a skull. He kept it in a brown cardboard box in the top of the closet. "My first wife," he said, and sneered, his lip bunching up around a scar just under his nose.

la petite mort

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trying hard to ignore the dreams of infants spitting vomiting crying little snails she never thought she wanted but her body is in full rebellion trying to convince her she does

1969 Oldsmobile Delta 98

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At sixteen and living six point four miles from a town of 1800 people, a car is the only means of independence.

Orion's Belt

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My first shooting star, wasted on a girlish dream; / The second one equally misused on youthful desire; / The third would eclipse all the rest of my aspirations,

Scottish Independence

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with peaty aromatics, opened,/ and a welcomed sting, swallowed,