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Erwin came into the kitchen through the back door and went straight to the sink to clean up. Black mud and dried blood crusted his fingertips and caked the callused whorls of his knuckles.  He used the round of strong-smelling soap he kept for…

Avatar Of Chaos

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He has one good eye and is missing the other. The socket of his missing eye squints with a disturbing and unfathomable insight.

Garden Goddess for Hire

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A five-star, world famous hotel nearby even had a new fence put around it recently, to keep out the riff-raff. That would include me. The hired help. A gardener.

Not Everything In Life Has Meaning

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A cactus has as much right to grow as a flower, she whispered at night, when the tears came. She wasn't crying over Jim- God, no. Rather, it was the thought of that kiss, the pink floaty cloud kind of kiss. What if that never happened to her? What if it w

Wild Garden

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Even though it was late November, it still bloomed. Extravagantly. Obviously it had no shame, obviously it reveled in its own beauty.

A Gardener in February Thinks About June

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I want to be that daring gardener who ploughs up her front yard -- to the horror of the Neighborhood Association.

Better Boys, Early Girls

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... tomatoes swelling and turning pink...

unwilling host

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blood-sucker down the drain