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Where Do You Keep The Bodies?

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I flew to San Francisco from Dallas and got to the point as soon as I entered Bobby's gloomy studio apartment in the Mission. "So. Where do you keep the bodies?" I asked, slapping Bobby on the back and smiling huge.

The Rat Eats Last

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One thing she'd learned since dating an older man was that she was the perpetual loser when it came to arguments, the one who didn't know John Adams from Buffalo Bill or that Haight Ashbury was a hippie freak show instead of a Nazi compound.

a good man deserves a good woman

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“I'm a sucker for the bad boys,” I tell my mother. “a good man deserves a good woman,” she says under her breath.

Corner Deli

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She would watch me walk past three houses to the corner deli. My grandmother. A deli on a street filled with beautiful old Victorians. That was when I was barely 10. She’d watch every step there and each back to make sure no one abducted me I suppose.


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However did we make it this far/ without murdering one another as the other sleeps

She -

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Her smile scrolls back into its opening lines; cinder books full of bold slices of Ampersand describe soft conjunctives, for all the dovetailing and captured mistakes