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Upstairs on Montague Street

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Benton showed her his old room, a shrine of old posters and records. But it had been cleaned out, made to look like a guest room. “Kiss me,” Benton said. “April.” “That was just a name, so don't get any…

Hemingway On Trash Day

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The morning sun rose up over the flat prairie, and the powdery snow crunched as you walked on it, and the air was so crisp it hurt as you took a breath. That is good, I thought. That is how you knew you were alive, and I was truly very alive, and there was not much to do so…

Julie Martin

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To describe Julie Martin in those days is to give a resume of prairie truth: her good soul and giving heart were the stunning elements of her beauty. From afar she was a demographic sample like millions of women who, unlike Cassandra, could not afford to