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This Is How You Will Die

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She could still see her footprints at the crosswalk, leading somewhere inappropriate. She thought of opening the window to let in the smells but immediately dismissed the notion. The window, she thought, might trigger something.

This Is How You Will Die

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Karen took the note inside, closing the door slowly and with care. She slid the lock into place without exhaling. She stared at the detail taken with each stroke of black ballpoint: this is how you will die.

It Was the Light

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A fast breeze, along with laughter from a group of teenagers in St. Mark's Place, filled the bedroom. Ashley's hand slid over Ben's back, and he felt like shrinking away into the old king-sized mattress.

We're Grownups, After All

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Dennis saw her picture in the morning paper. He knew it was Maggie—she still had her dark red curls and the freckles along her cheekbones.

Somehow There Was More Here

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Josh and Maddie gave me hope. This was nothing I could tell him, though, being as emotionally stunted as he was. Sure, they fought...And they never said the things that people should say when what they say means something.


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He suggests my purchase is a metaphor.

from "Memorial Day"

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The kite hovered like a gull, just high enough that I thought, for a moment, it might break from its string and glide over the Atlantic. My father pointed out into the expanse and said, See kids, there’s Ireland.