Stories tagged consumerism

One Day

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I was ashamed of my conscience.

Meditation On My Cell Phone

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I feel like the guy in the commercial/ In whose hands the phone appears/ So gratifying/ So necessary

Shovelling shit.

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“Whatcha doin'?” “Moving this shit.” “Why?” “Well, I can’t leave it here!”

Love Story

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I don't know when it was I first stumbled across your blog. I know I definitely must've followed the link on your twitter profile, but how I found you in the first place, I have no idea. But fate works in mysterious ways, I suppose. I remember I then visited your blog every…

The Suburban Cowboy Catalogue

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The Suburban Cowboy Old West Snack Platter It's quiet out there. Too quiet. Dust devils spin like drunken dervish dancers and scraggly tumbleweeds cartwheel through desolate streets. You lean back on your chair outside the front door of Miss Kitty's and listen to the…

Cherry of Menloves

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Miranda Cherry laughed, then the cream of the retail industry laughed.

On The Day That Norman Mailer Died

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Hollow as spit over rock Was the mood in the library...