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And so the winds of change blew from Hilda Park to the last frontier of the eastern bloc. The heavily guarded border that once separated the east from the west is gone, Its high walls sledge-hammered into a million dusts, barbed wires released from her eternal coil and the…


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We thought they would be back on after the 10th anniversary, but they didn’t, not even after our President and Premier were gone. The police sure did a good job: a dozen web sites were wiped out overnight; search engines and forums were disabled the nex


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SELF INVASION When the Russians invade, I swing into action. Apply lightning bug warpaint. Dip into my secret weapons cache. Take up position on the elementary school roof. They march a hundred…


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On his last day of high school Jackie York woke up to the smell of burning books. He didn't know it was his last day of high school. He did know the smoke coming through his rusty window screen was book smoke.

The People's Revolution and The Face Club

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The Face Club is a Club composed of all the “Faces” of the Earth. The Faces are a special group of Earth’s royalty that God chose after World War II to be emblems of their nation’s beauty, traditions and heritage. God made each of their Faces to be embl

Communism: the Old Guard and the New Guard

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In the world of Communism, there is the Old Guard and the New Guard, and they do not get along.