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Coffee with my mother

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She looked puzzled and answered completely negating the real reason why, and also shooing some delusion away from her head,

Book of Changes

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Innocence Lying awake in the dark, way past bedtime on a school night. Transistor radio under the pillow, earpiece plugged in. My brother breathes softly in the bed next to me and his pet iguana Gunga Din rustles in its cage. The scent of lilacs wafts in through the open…

Surrendering August

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on the far shore, in the vineyards timed charges explode like the sun catching on fire it scares crows away from the grapes


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We gig, we perform, we laugh, we cry, we play our guitars, bass, drums, voice.

Changes Are

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When people drastically change everything about themselves repeatedly, don't they eventually just end up alienating everyone?