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"For God's sake," my mother said. "There could be anthrax in the candy." My mother worried about me going out on Halloween.

My Ship, Lollipop

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"And there you are! Happy landings on a chocolate bar."

First Lesson (Mother Tongue Series)

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I used to see kids at the mall with those extendable "kid leashes". Like the ones made for chihuahuas. Like the ones made to squash a good story, you know...

A Kids' Guide to the Art of the Grift

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“We must never forget that we are children, and as children we dream, and when we dream, we dream of candy."

Blueberry Cafe

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When I was five, I wanted a lollipop store, shelves shining with jars, flavors on displayand where I could eat free candy galore I'd sell each pop for ten cents or maybe three fora quarter and tie them in bunches like Sunflower bouquets.When I was…


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I am a sunflower. I turn my yellow and black face, bruised, to the sun, hoping its light will heal me. With my eyes closed I can see my stamen, veins in my eyelids, bulbous where they intersect. The sun feeds…