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Must Have Own Canoe

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The woman had run off with a bloody property developer who dresses in open-neck shirts and loafers: So much for her taste!

Lover of Beautiful but Unstable Women

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He was buying his breakfast bagel when he’d seen her in the mirror behind the counter dipping a finger into cappuccino foam and licking off the chocolate flecks.

The Fox in the Garden

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It was 1635. During the time of the Tokugawa, not too many years before the British were expelled from Nippon, Minister Miyoshi no Kyoyuki of Edo decided to indulge in a practice he had heard rumored of the British.


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Madison was not stupid, just uncultured. She knew nothing of England, but decided to travel from New York to Warwickshire to see Shakespeare's grave. She hoped to capture some sort of magic from seeing the playwright's tomb...