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Thoughts That Ran Amok Chopping Celery To Jane's Addiction Nearly Lopped The Thumb Clean Off

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I've hardly ever been anywhere in the world, except Phoenix Vegas and Alaska,

There she sits

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I think of today, of yesterday – of all the yesterdays – bitter-sweet as a twisted candle in the burnt-orange autumn air; amber gold liquid, filling smoky atmosphere purpled in a dusky venetian glass, and the scent of roses a bouquet shimmering

The Vessel

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For so long as I think I shall live.


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The brain taints everything it brings to us/ with its limited apparatus, its precepts,// all the things it thinks it knows.

You've Got that Wrong Kind of Brain

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He and Nick got a long very well, and would speak about things for hours until the morning came; and Betsy would supply them with food and coffee, and clever sayings all the while Johnny watched it all over. Tonight though, they had watched La Rafle, and

Black Hole Me

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my fingers vibrate magnetic/ a humming void/ where my brain was