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Child Star

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Then there was Alyce, from your mother’s lesbian moment. Would you count her? Probably not.

There's Going to be a Test at the End

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Crystal's neck is covered in hickeys...

Fairy Tale in Dachau

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Certainly leftover cyanide-based Zyclon-B pesticide from the gas chamber was used to purge the lawn of weeds, bugs and vermin. Very efficient. No waste. Perfectly recycled.

The Diary of Anne Frank's Daughter

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Frankly, I would rather die than have my diary published. Now that everyone in the whole world knows Anne’s deepest secrets, I’m sure she would want to kill herself anyway.

The Diary of Anne Frank's Daughter 2. A Living Diary

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Mostly, Lucy and I call each other morons, stupid, and idiots, knowing how important it is to both of us to be smart.

The Diary of Anne Frank's Daughter 3. Suffering Contests

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Fears of instantaneous death might have seized Anne Frank's daughter since she was little, just like they did me, especially in bathrooms, because they reminded us of gas chambers, you know, the whole shower thing, the worry that gas might come out instea

Just Desserts

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disciplining that Kafka boy

The Diary of Anne Frank's Daughter 4. Psychotherapy, God and Me

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The therapist started to seem increasingly far away, his head a tiny potato head, across the ignorant universe of his dustless desk that seemed to get bigger and bigger as the session progressed, like something out of Alice in Wonderland.

The Diary of Anne Frank's Daughter 5. Arbeit Macht Frei

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“If I didn’t keep busy I’d go crazy,” said my father repeatedly. “The problem with you is that you think too much.” I much later learned that this was Primo Levi’s secret to surviving the camps: “Don’t think.”

The Diary of Anne Frank's Daughter 6. The Tortured Nazi

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It's like all my fears and desire for revenge get funneled into this tortured Nazi soldier so I can get some sleep. I always fall asleep before he dies.

Eyes that Said Don't Leave Me Here

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Two friends follow the train tracks by their neighborhood.


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STARS IN THE RAW I used to dare myself to go out in the backyard nude and peer through the telescope. The crickets and tree frogs made me do it. Their endless mindless racket. I couldn't sleep summer nights; already wore just…

The Match Maker and His Student

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Then there was the slide, some time during late winter

Mall Stalker

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My lips are a straight black line.

Give Me a Break

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"Prison Break!" Breaking news announced on CNN.