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How To Tell Time

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Time is an animal, driven by instinct alone. He is no tame thing. You cannot say anything to him to make him love you.Time is a tide, an inconstant constant. Coming and going as he pleases. It is said the urge toward form leads us closer to God, but he cannot be…

How To Be A Body

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There's no place like here, this massive legume. Smell the wing├ęd cold and the wretched streets and the sun that shines through you like a rosy bloom. Don't feel entitled to anything, because you're not. For God's sake (and yours) don't get caught in the caul.The…

How To Write A Poem

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-after Bhanu Kapil First, give yourself a good hard smack across the face. Repeat. Drink a glass of cognac in the bathtub. Do not get out until you rid yourself of the stink of poems. Build for yourself a workshop. In an abandoned fishhouse, if need…