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Friends Love

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She darted out of her shadow, deftly she maneuvers through the tables and chairs and their eyes follow her.

The Last Cricket of Summer

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The weather, mid-sixties now, will take its toll on this singular voice.

I Still Miss the Sun

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I know I’m in the sky all night And can lie back and sometimes have some fun But these stars around me aren’t everything in life I still miss the sun After your first lover threw you back Into the frozen ocean of life You never came back

Blue Rage

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His small hands grew unimaginable vitality as he pushed and heaved against the strength of the ocean and it's depths and it's ruthlessness.

The Construction of a Deep, Black Void

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The faint stars began to twinkle in the orange and purple sky and the clouds turned to watercolor and the window became a painting.


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[This story is not racist!]

A Man Dies

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The spirit smiled and held out his hand, the light in the room magnified and he brushed past the books and the thoughts still hanging in the small alcove, " You are ready now.

The Continuum of Flames

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Molly was from dull and wet Kansas City, Missouri, where she learned to pass the time in the many record shops and bars that lined it's inconspicuously storied streets, catching the attention of a young red blooded all American Kansas City man, from time

verses versus verses versus verses

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poetry less than poverty: / fair warning to poets, but a good sign.

All Stories Need An Ending

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Drugs, after all, once in the system, demanded unfalteringly more drugs.

The Endless Dream of Humanity

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I may have walked across the sacred line That separates me from the rest of mankind But I already paid my dues So, what club do I get into? When I wake up And the wild rain of dreaming Ends I discover that Guilt is just another four-le

Notes from a Quarantine

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EnzymesI enjoy learning about enzymes. In the human body, they're catalysts. They interfere, breaking substances down so they may be sent on their way to accomplish a task. Imagine a cluster of construction workers; shit-talking, cat-calling dames, engaging in mildly (or…

Nemesis' Rainbow

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The moon has a cloud pass before it. The strop has a razor pulled up-and-down, up-and-down, up and down against it.

The End of Civilization as We Know It

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The End of Civilization as We Know It Question is, how many carpets did you see flying in close formation? Question is, which hand would you use If you were asked to choke yourself for the sake of civilization? The real question is, if you could

Silent Valley

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Jerry pulls back the throttle and squints through the window of the cockpit at the little abandoned village below. “Silent Valley,” he says in a voice-over style like in the promotional videos. The quietest place in…

Ten lines inspired by a lecherous man ...

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A hymn for her when his head cocks shameless.

Extraterrestrial Bingo

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Let me tell you about extraterrestrial bingo: it's loud. They put the speakers over my head. And the microphone keeps moving. Most of the organisms here are old. And from another planet. I see a lot of tentacles. A lot of auras and bugeyes. Everyone seems to know the…

Night fear illusions

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Sometimes/in the middle of the night/awake under a panoply/as caustic as Doré/illustrating Dante

Ode to Flannery O'Connor

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December 1995 “It's almost Christmas! Of course I'm going.” Gert's bosom swelled like a peacock's fan. “If you were more of a Christian, you'd go, too, Joe.”“Right. And leave the Mr. Kiddie Porn King of the World Wide Web here while…

Where is His Grave

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She took a desolate road as the wind blew.

Changing A Tire On The Old Family Chariot When They Had A Breakdown While On Their Vacation In Orlando Last Summer

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Under the Stars

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There was once a girl. Her name was April. Her family lived at the edge of a village. When she looked out her second floor window she could see the forest stretch for days. At nights after supper she would lean over her bed; watch the stars in the distance and wish many…

People Get Haircuts

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like they are trying to not get noticed by fickle death. It clearly marks them in a targeted way. Very ironic. Here's the only message I want you to ever hear from me : scramble like a quick monkey with a stolen banana in his tiny hairy…

Rx G&T

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Today, I will do my part to fight Covid-19 by drinking gin and tonics. I will not drink Lysol and do not have plans to liberate anything without a mask and gloves on. Those are just plain, bad ideas. Using hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid-19 is probably a bad idea, too.…

Sometimes, Death

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He was surrounded by bats and stalactites and skeletons greeted him and dead celebrities moaned and neon signs -- props from defunct game shows -- were hung up as far as the eye can see.

A speck on the wall

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I’m leaning into my freedom and will have you take your portable prison with you and you can set those four walls across town.


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Now Fox News is saying

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We were in love with the same disease.


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Had heard was the word of the week

The Serendipitous Nature of Being

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To do the proper set up for the story, it was taking me some time, but each bit was important to the outcome, and while he likened me to Higgens on the old Magnum P.I. series, I just laughed at his slowly closing eyes and folded arm, caught in a half cur