Ping Pong

by Cherise Wolas

He works best from 5 to 8; she from 9 to 12.

They work in different meridiems: him: a.m., her: p.m. 

During his ante and her post, they are separated, apart, but always conjoined.

Between his ante and her post, in the differential, they are never separated, rarely apart, always conjoined.

In the differential, they love madly, fuck like the rare lovers they are, and play ping pong.

Ping pong is their game: specially ruled.  

Ceiling or wall bank shots may be included in the ultimate scoring tally, but such shots must be called before being slung, or else the shot, even if made, is forfeit.

Masters of their own worlds: together, they rule their conjoined universe.

It is purely love; a ping ponging universe of love: a green table of yes, forever.