Rachel Yoder

Location Iowa City, IA
Occupation student
Website http://www.pw.org/content/rachel_yoder

About Me

I prefer large utensils.

Why do you write?

Writing = an admittedly ineffectual, foot-stomping, hair-pulling, screamy, snotty, loud and obnoxious tantrum in the face of bemused, smirky Death

Any favorite authors? Books?

Faves: Play It As It Lays (Didion), Let The Northern Lights Erase Your Name (Vida), Disgrace (Coetzee), Jesus' Son (Johnson), Another Bullshit Night In Suck City (Flynn), Big World (Ms. Mary Miller), everything Carver, everything Hempel, most stuff that's 1st person retrospective, Kafka Kafka Kafka, Mark Polanzak's novoir even though I haven't read all of it yet, Dylan Nice's first collection of stories even though he hasn't written it yet. Also, I would like to state for the record, I am, in general, anti-analogy.

Rachel Yoder's Wall

Malcolm Something – Feb 15, 2010

I saw your Fictionaut Faves review. Too cute. Also: I just reread Pentagon City and absolutely adore it. Go you on so many levels, Yoder.

Christian Yetter – Jan 02, 2010


Tell Seth Hi, and that I still haven't forgiven him for showing us Happiness without any kind of warning. :P

Christian Yetter – Jan 01, 2010

Yeah, I did undergrad at UIowa, up till the end of last year.
(I'm an India Cafe person, but I'm at peace with Masala folks, so... We cool).

M.H. – Dec 28, 2009

Hi Rachel - I love the pic. Definitely give me a holler when Defunct is up & running :)!

Christian Yetter – Dec 25, 2009

Read Infinite Things All At Once and loved it.

Then, saw you're hangin' in Iowa City. I miss there, even with the screaming drunk people. Question being: Are you an India Cafe person or a Masala person?

Matt Mendez – Dec 02, 2009

Found a little time and have been cruising the site, kinda neat. And I like your writing, too.

Matthew Simmons – Jul 17, 2009

Checked Fictionaut after an absence. Glad you liked Ishpeming.

I went to University of Iowa as an undergrad and for a short time as a journalism grad student. How's the town?

barry graham – Jun 16, 2009

my family is amish. i grew up in lancaster county.

Brandon Hobson – May 10, 2009

Hi Rachel, thanks for your nice comments on my piece. I really dig your work.

C. Kaminski – May 07, 2009

Hi Rachel. I like your giant wood fork and your stories! Looking forward to seeing more of the latter.

Lauren Becker – May 06, 2009

you are very welcome for my comment -- your story rocks. thanks for yours on say it. creeptastic. i like. you were at awp?? me too! sorry we didn't meet. next year?

Timothy Gager – Apr 22, 2009

Congrats on you being named finalist at Opium.

David Erlewine – Apr 16, 2009

kudos on Opium. Yowsa! You raise a good point though about when/what to take down. I think a lot of folks on here post stuff only after it's been published but now you have me thinking... aah, that's not my strong point.

Morgan Harlow – Apr 15, 2009

Rachel, thanks for reading and commenting on my poems.
i see you like Didion, Play it as it Lays, a favorite of mine too

Alan Rossi – Apr 09, 2009

so cool. yeah that's a excellent reason to take it down. congrats, congrats!

Alan Rossi – Apr 09, 2009

oh no, where did Creatures go?

David Erlewine – Apr 09, 2009

your piece up at Necessary Fiction is awesome and loved that I'd read some of it on F-aut. Can't wait to go up there next week...

Ethel Rohan – Apr 02, 2009

I got your kind note; you're so welcome.

Meg Pokrass – Mar 25, 2009

so late to the good parties. that's me. standing in the corner talking to old people. Nice to meet you. I love your stories.

Alan Rossi – Mar 18, 2009

hey rachel, thanks for commenting and for your stories. creatures is terrific. i want to read more.

Gary Percesepe – Mar 10, 2009

Hi Rachel,

Pleases to meet you.


James Robison – Mar 10, 2009

Hello, Rachel. Thank you.

mark polanzak – Mar 07, 2009


Mary Miller – Feb 20, 2009

Hey, Rachel.
So nice to meet you at AWP!
And thanks for reading Big World (and forcing it upon others)!

David Erlewine – Feb 20, 2009

hey there! thanks for the add. i keep forgetting about the contacts add. LOVE your writing and your reasons above for doing so. classic.

Corey Zeller – Nov 15, 2008

Hi Rachel?

What is in your mouth in this picture?

Amanda Nazario – Sep 29, 2008


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